Our Approach

Black Dragon Karate teaches defensive techniques and skills from a variety of the arts including Tae Kwon Do, and Shotokan. We have worked and studied with many instructors and cross-trained in different types of martial arts. With the ability to draw on what we consider the best of all the arts,  you will receive the principles needed to become a successful defense fighter also award winning tournaments

Our Story

In the beginning the school was founded by the Late Sensei Donald L. Black  who has passed away leaving us the rich knowledge and experiences of a hand on training, we are following his foot steps and visions of the Black Dragon Karate..

Meet the Team

Sensei Don McKain

His name is Sensei Donald McKain who is the first student under Sensei Black since in 2010 and has trained under him and received his black belt under Sensei Black in Tae Kwon Do and he is also training in Shotokan, He’s carrying Sensei Don Black’s torch to keep the school of the legendary dream of The Black Dragon Karate.

Sensei Mel Lindell

He’s one of the Black Dragon team, he teaches day classes and as well have evening classes for the seniors citizens. A good friend of Late Sensei Don Black and Mel is well respected teacher. Man of great wisdom.

Sensei Elaine Guilloz

She is deaf and fluent in American Sign Language to the deaf is active in MartialArtist and Media Web-designer. And also Recreation Director at a Okla Deaf School. She was the 2nd in 2011 student under Sensei Black and trained under him and received her black belt under Sensei Black in Tae Kwon Do and she to in training in Shotokan as well.

“Team Black Dragon”

January 19th 2019

Sensei Mel Lindell, Trenton Barton, Toby Barton, Rylee Knight, Sensei Don McKain,
Emery Bull, Tyler Barton and Allison Wakefield.